The XTC has surprisingly good video for a camera in this price range The colors are very accurate and the exposure is perfect in daytime lighting conditions. I also am grateful for your tests and have bought helmets, boots, gloves and other products solely on your recommendations. The short answer is yes. Read the Terms and Conditions! A week later I tried again.

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Xrc-300 who takes motorcycle video in the rain? Apparently, there are two different Midland XTC kits available: Product specifications, features and details may change or differ from our descriptions. Midland recommends a minimum of a Class 4 microSD memory card but we have found that brand-name cards of Class 10 work much more reliably with HD video cameras.

And the exposure of the XTC is also near-perfect. I also am grateful for your tests and have bought helmets, boots, gloves and other products solely on your recommendations. Trying to switch the camera off and on again had no result, as if the camera was completely drained. My excitement was quickly tempered when I found no rhyme or reason for the archaic labeling of the files. Last night I charged the battery overnight, wiped the SD card fresh, and set the camera on the table recording a wall to see how long the battery would last.


Always check before purchasing. Also, the color rendition is spot-on, without the phony oversaturation that seems to be the norm in this type of camera and which ruins most video by making it look worse than the output mildand a cheap cell phone camera.

In either case, the barrel distortion is well muted, noticeable only when overhead electric wires come into view. No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

We never noticed the file naming issue, as we bring each xtc-3000 into Adobe Premiere Elements for post-processing anyway, and the files are then renamed based on their content.

Midland XTC-300 Review

I really wanted this to work. One last thing, when I was concerned about the tinny sound away from the motor on my bike, with the cam helmet mounted I was told to put a piece of duct tape over the mike, which I did.

It finally beeped and midlandd down a few moment ago, at almost exactly minutes after starting. One taken on Saturday, May 4, is dated: I stopped for supper, leaving the camera turned off a while, then tried it again on the ride home.

The XTC is a very easy-to-use video camera that takes surprisingly good quality video. I have had the cam about 16 months and have used it, maybe 12 or 13 times. Fieldsheer Adventure Tour Pants Review.

Midland XTC Review – webBikeWorld

Memory and batteries are not included. YouTube compression degrades the quality of the video from the original. Notify me of new posts by email. I love the ease of use, even with gloves on. Midlanv includes all of the above plus the waterproof housing, a goggle mount, handlebar mount for bicycles and both a car charger and wall outlet charger.


Pilot Dura Over Pants Review The camera with battery and a 2 Xtc–300 microSD card weighs grams 4.

Midland XTC Camcorder | eBay

I was able to do record three twenty minute track sessions without any issue. Thank you for the best site in the industry. Regarding the loss of video after a few seconds, this mmidland exactly like the problem common with an HD video camera when using a memory card that is too slow.

I totally understand that your evaluations are based on many factors and over time some products can fail. I can report that their support respond fairly promptly and helpfully to emails, however, and the online FAQ now appears to state the 32GB maximum explicitly.

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