How does this compare with other video cards? Jun 26, 7. Supported Maximum Image Size: If portal runs slow then HL2 will run slower. IcedQue , Jun 26, Read what I said please, there is a Portal demo that should give you an idea. Will it play Crysis, Halo 2, etc?

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How does this compare with other video cards?

Mar 24, Messages: And those are a big no no. So you’ll need to get an actual graphics card. Jul 2, THAT is your graphics chip. That being said, it’s an integrated chip.

Streets of Rage 4: Jul 22, If your video chipset exceeds the minimum requirements, then it will be more than enough for the game. Jun 26, Jun 30, Oh, and this thing. IcedQueJun 28, I already did answer you!


Support for Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® G33 Express Chipset

What you need to do is either download the demo, there are hundreds of site that is safe to download or run the test at www. Then go chopset the game and find out for yourself ya douche bag. If you asked for advice and we gave it to you don’t be a douche. Jun 25, 6. Out of curiosity, how much RAM do you have?

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® G33 Express Chipset

Stop acting like you know what you’re talking about, Since it’s obvious by asking the question that you don’t. ExileJun 26, Jun 25, 5. LOL, why are you acting all offended when we answer your question??

Jun 27, Separate names with a comma. If you decided to buy the game on your own and bet us it will work why did you even bother posting anything at all?


Supported Active Off Mode: Jun 26, 7. Jun 25, 3.

Anyways, just try the portal demo and see how it runs! You have a chip. So probably if I change the texture i would play half-life 2 on max settings. Jul 1, I just bought a new HP with this video card: Link to this article??