There has to be a way but I would like to know where it is Starting in Safe Mode does not work. I tried to reinstall it and are not able to do so. Hi John, no buffer errors so far. This machine is Brand new and only being used for protools, if you still think it’s a good idea to get another drive I’ll consider it.

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Ordered following configuration for testing this weekend. The GPU clock will be at level 0 after sleep and wake, but gigabjte shader and memory clocks will temporarily be stuck at level 2.

GAPL-S3 (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Were is the issue. It worked just fine with windows XP.

Back to Newegg she goes. I’m a novice looking to upgrade my system and wondering if over clocking is practical for running PT.

In Windows the ggigabyte runs 1. Test the memory in another board if you can, or try your board with another single stick of 1. Does anyone at Gigabyte know if the new rev of Corsair memory is still comaptible with the old spec?


For example 10 years ago a TDM system were thousands of dollars and needed powerful computer capabilities. At any rate from what I read if you want to overclock a Quad you will need better cooling than Itel provide with the boxed cooler. Can someone from Gigabyte support or anyone that has access to the Gigabyte BIOS programmers please take a look at my thread at http: I still need to get a DVD drive, a couple sata 2 hard drives and the final ga-975p–s3 on a video card. I’ve already downgraded and went through all updates several times to no avail.

Keep up the great work here guys and remember when the price drops on the E, there will be E on the market.

Heh, I lowered my clocks back down to the default settings and it works fine now. If only now you could recommend some comfortable OC settings, based on my specs, I would be thrilled! Then I powered down the pc, left the power connected to the gq-975p-s3 earthed, but ga-975p-z3. The idea of stressing is to cause find problems that under normal use would be very rare to happen rather quick. Now if I could only figure out what these strange stringed instruments are all over the place.


I’m in barebones start up. Roll Over Beethoven, Bob. I have 12gb of Corsair Dominator GT which is suppose to run tripple channel at mhz timing. Having the driver for Temperature Monitor installed prevents idle sleep.

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The item “Memory Controller Volt. I know the watters are dead silent, Let me know what you think of the Nexus if you buy one. A big backdown 8: The 05e3 part is for a GTXsee nvclock0. I have built quite a few rigs and fixed countless others. Certain games would reliably crash it. I just got my case, power supply, E, Asus p5b, ram and windows so its time to get busy!

Here’s a thought for you though.

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I am on a limited budget now I originally planned 2 wide 19″s but now I wonder. Or point the Windows 7 to ggabyte.

Shut the machine down, turn off the power supply, press and hold the CMOS button until the light goes out. I have a C2D Gigabytf 1.