The MCP-powered NIC is taken advantage of and implementedsomething not all motherboards have as standard equipment. This board is extremely clear cut with the Socket A with 4 mounting holes around it located at the right hand corner of the mainboard. We got hold of one and did this test for our readers who have requested a review of it since its launch date back in late Answered on Jun 02, We tried our best to get the board and at last we found it in the retail market. In nearly every benchmark it beat out the KT competition, and this wasn’t even with both memory controllers in use. ECS is well known for its low costs mainboards.

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Although ECS is moving towards the higher end market, they have not forgotten users who prefer a lower cost mainboard that does the job well.

I still fail to see why this is a hot issue for people, but it’s still worth noting. First, the hardware monitor is able to measure the 3.

Surprisingly enough, there are also the four mounting holes around the socket for the use of extra large heatsinks and waterblocks.

ECS N2UA Bios not fully ACPI Compliant | Motherboard Forums

Answered on Jan 31, Posted on Dec 27, N2k400-a the first to answer. Underneath, the motherboard is in an anti-static bag for protection. The second thing that would really compliment the inclusion of the mounting holes around the CPU socket is some voltage adjustments for the CPU, chipset and memory.


It was also seen that MHz was not attainable due to lack of voltage adjustments. The BIOS could use some work in a couple of areas. On the color picker, you can also see the RGB values you can use these for the web too. You’ll notice the protective strips beneath the socket lugs to prevent a dead board ecw a screwdriver slip.

If it’s integrated on the motherboard, it’s here. Remember, this single-channel performance, so you can see that nVidia has a leg up on Via. Except for the floppy connector placement n2i400-a maybe a capacitor or two nearby the CPU socket, ECS has a very solid layout. This is especially important for stability for high powered CPUs. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered.

ECS N2U400-A – 1.0 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra 400

Answered on Feb 14, Just looking at it, you can see that the board is lean on features, but this helps cut costs. The only voltage shown is for the CPU, so if you need to see what your rails read from your power supply, you’ll have to use a multimeter.

After some initial investigations, N2u400-w was told n22u400-a this board will only appear in certain markets. If you still use a floppy drive, I hope you don’t have it at the top of your case.

n2u400a There has been some question as to wether or not ECS did implement this on the N2UA, and from what I can see, it’s implemented, but not user adjustable.


Get someone who knows what they are doing to replace the battery and reset all the BIOS settings. You can choose a background color with the HTML color chart.

The only thing you’ll notice is that there’s only one serial port and room for a ln.

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n22u400-a The 6 point difference in the Whetstone test is within a margin of error. I cannot find the code in the box. Also, unlike the past few socket A boards I’ve reviewed, the N2UA n2j400-a has the 4-pin 12 volt auxillary connector.

Answered on Nov 02, Discussion in ‘ content-Hidden ‘ started by Big BDec 13, In doing so, this means you will have to remove your AGP video card to change your RAM, but this is the case with any board using a setup like this.

ECS (Elitegroup) BIOS Updates downloads for your motherboard – Page 3 • Wim’s BIOS

Answered on May 20, It’s more flexible than the outdated HTML method more on that below. The CPU Interface option is first up. Aggressive, Turbo, and Expert, the last one offering full control over your memory timings.