Supporting all popular versions of InterBase 6, 7, , 10, 11, 12 and from Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. The installation script will create a directory called easysoft under the directory you specify here, into which all Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver files will be placed. If you are no longer using unixODBC then you can also remove the reference:. The main advantage of booting into a bit kernel is the ability to use more that 32 gigabytes GB of RAM. They must be differentiated from each other in another way.

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Two bit GUI applications shipped with version The package file for a bit capable application, contains two versions of the application: If the check was carried out and the files failed then the files have been damaged.

Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Technical Reference

If the files passed the check then you are asked for a directory in which to place the easysoft installation eassyoft tree. Only your license request identifier and contact details as they are displayed in the main License Manager screen are sent to Easysoft.

On bit systems, memory management extensions exist that enable applications to use more than 4 GB of memory. This simple conversion cannot correctly convert true UTF8 data, so the use of this option is governed by the actual data stored. If you wish to install the software in another directory then specify a directory name here. Architecture” statistic shows you whether Domino is bit. The called procedure does not return a result set. Forces a Commit after a Select statement if required e.


Rasysoft the distribution file in a temporary directory on your Unix machine. You can now download a file and begin the installation process.

64-bit ODBC

If the odbcinst program is not in its expected location, you are asked to provide the directory into which unixODBC was installed. The script calls odbcinst again, this time with the data source details. easysofh

Normally rmdir will not remove directories that contain files, but rm -r will remove all subdirectories along with their contents. The difference in the size of long and pointer between ILP32 and LP64 can cause data truncation issues in code that assumes these types are the same width as easusoft.

To allow an ODBC application on the client machine to access data on the remote server, you need to create a data source on the client. What determines your choice of ODBC driver architecture is whether your application is bit or bit not whether your client platform or database platform or DBMS is bit or bit. WOW64 emulates the bit Windows Operating System to allow bit applications to run without modification.

Similarly, a easysoff ODBC driver can only iib6 used with a bit application. The View Existing Licenses option will not display any license you obtained during this License Manager session.

If you do uninstall, you should first back up any configuration data that you still need, as uninstalling some Easysoft products will result in this information being deleted license details remain in place. Normally you should continue with the installation to install into the existing easysoft directory.


On purchasing the product you are given an authorization code, which you use to obtain a license. The integration into our databases and the assistance given with bulk uploads and a general helpful attitude was outstanding. Cocoa is object-oriented application programming interface APIwhich provides an integrated set of shared object libraries, a runtime system and a development environment. If the distribution file has been gzip ped i. Log on to your Unix machine as the root user.

The following command illustrates this naming convention. If an application is run in bit mode, all supporting binaries must be bit. Unless you specified the installation directory at step 14 to be within the temporary directory, then you can safely remove the temporary directory and all its contents.

Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver User Guide – Configuration

On Unix systems, you can use the file command to tell whether an application is bit or bit. Thank you so much for your continuous support. The main advantage of booting into a bit kernel is the ability to use more that 32 gigabytes GB of RAM. InterBase uses a transaction model that avoids deadlocks between conflicting updates from concurrent applications.