As with the allnodes query, append a “. The second parameter “-d 1” sets BIND’s debug level to 1. This parameter is optional and always located at argv[11]. This query is used by lookup in the LDAP driver. The chart below shows 12 attributes but not all attributes are required in all queries.

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This is the second of the tokens discussed previously. This makes it easy to manage our DNS data in the database using separate attributes for zone and host names. If your lookup query will be returning TXT dns records, be sure the TXT records are properly stored wrapped in double quotes.

LDAP ENUM module for bind9

Of those, only the lookup, allnodes, and authority queries make use of the attributes returned by the query. The LDAP driver only uses one connection when built for single threaded operation. The LDAP driver was built to be as flexible as possible. This string must be formatted as BIND expects it. Attribute 1 is the left most attribute in a query.

This query should be used to return ALL records in the zone. The data string is “built” by concatenating attributess 4 through 12 together, with a space added in between each.


When built for multithreaded operation, the driver will open the specified number of connections and ALWAYS keep them open. If only one query is supplied, zone transfers will fail!

This allows a variety of LDAP schemas to be used without modification to the driver’s code.

Bind-Users forum – Bind DLZ / LDAP error

The format is the same as discussed for the allnodes query. I considered this approach and decided against it. The only limitations are: This tells BIND that the domain name is absolute and not to be used relative to our zone of “example.

When setting up your configuration, pay very close attention to spaces! The OpenLDAP libraries and header files are required to build the driver and are not included in this package. This function takes five parameters and has the following signature:. This is correct behavior! Notice the space at the beginning.

Lookup and authority operate in a manner similar to allnodes. I recommend the attributess labeled as “string num ” be held as numbers in your LDAP schema.

It is part of BIND’s standard configuration file syntax. In order for the attributes to be interpreted properly by the driver, they must be in the correct order.


Package: dlz-ldap-enum (1.1.0-1)

It sure beats being limited to a set schema, or building an entirely new driver! LDAP only really returns strings from a query. The next piece on the line is the number “2”. The values of the attributes may be held as integers, floats, whatever by the database, but the return from the OpenLDAP functions is only a string.

If you must support zone transfers with DLZ, use the configuration below with this example schema. The sample uses a custom ldp developed for DLZ.

The double quote closes the command line string that was started on the second line. The first part of this line is “v3”; it is located at argv[2] and is required. To override the default behavior, use an extra “.